Turin can be traveled by car (with some limitations and parking fees) but it is advisable to take advantage of the extensive network of public surface transportation and the subway line, as well as of the cab tour, car sharing and bicycle rental offerings.


Zona Blu

Throughout the city center and most of the surrounding streets are paid parking lots, the hourly cost of which varies from €1.30 to €2.50 depending on the area. Parking vouchers can be purchased at authorized outlets GTT (tobacconists, newsstands, coffee shops) and ticket machines.
For people with disabilities, parking in the blue stripes is free .

Pedestrian Areas and Restricted Traffic Zones (ZTL)
The main pedestrian zones in the center involve Via Garibaldi, Via Lagrange and Via Carlo Alberto, the shopping streets. In addition, a restricted traffic zone (ZTL) has been established: from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 10:30 am, only cars with permits (residents, handicapped, buses, etc.) can pass through it; within the ZTL, some streets are then reserved for public transportation even during the afternoon, evening and holiday hours.

As of November 23, 2015, the SostApp is active a new service of paying for parking at blue lines via cell phone or smartphone.



Turin is extensively served by buses and streetcars that run through it in every direction from early morning to late evening. The route of Italy’s first automatic subway connects Collegno (from the west) and Piazza Bengasi (from the south) to the city center and the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa stations.
For the youngest (but not only) there is the “Night Buster” service, a safe way to get around at night: every Friday, Saturday and on pre-holidays from the suburbs to the center a/r with stops near the main nightclubs.

Transportation documents are purchased at authorized GTT retail outlets. (Usually at all TABACHIERIES)

To get around the city, we recommend Moovit: the app that allows public transport users to quickly find the best solutions to reach their destination, to know in real time the arrival time of public transport at the stop and to receive notifications about any sudden or planned changes to the public transport network.

A convenient service for tourists as well, the app is in fact available in 45 different languages and, thanks to the Gps position detected by the device, automatically sets the area where you are.


Ticket City – € 1,70

MultiCity – € 10,00 contains 6 City 100 tickets. The 6 tickets are each valid for 100 minutes including one Subway ride. It is only usable by one person and must be validated each time you change modes.

Daily – €3,00/4,00 valid for an unlimited number of rides until the end of service on the day of first validation on streetcars, buses and in the subway. It is only usable by one person and must be validated each time you change modes.

MultiDaily 7 – € 17,50 Contains 7 tickets Daily


Turin has 258 km of bike lanes, a great alternative to the car because you get there sooner, park earlier and save money. And with bike-sharing services, biking is even more convenient.



Every neighborhood has at least one cab stand-naturally more frequent in downtown, main squares, and at train stations-but telephone reservations are also possible. Calls for the disabled transportation service should be made directly to the Taxi Stations.

 TAXI: 011 5737